TD Ameritrade
Recognition Fuels Engagement

TD Ameritrade is one of the nation’s leading financial firms. We’ve worked with them for over a decade, focused solely on making sure their associates feel valued through thoughtful, targeted communications in a variety of forms. Tactics include recognition and rewards programs, alignment, culture – specifically promoting a culture of volunteerism, and recruitment.
More and more, especially with millennials, people are placing emphasis on culture over salary and benefits packages. Establishing an employee recognition/rewards program is one step toward building a positive, engaging work environment.
Recognition can range from a simple “thank you” from a manager to a more elaborate prize, like a vacation. When we worked with TD Ameritrade, we rolled out a program that equipped managers with kits that explained the value of recognition, provided tips for recognizing employees and introduced a company-wide rewards program to incentivize performance.
Pride in performance can be contagious. In a separate recognition program for TD Ameritrade, we produced life-size displays of employees who received positive comments from customers. The “Client Wow” program showed these remarkable employees with their customer comments for everyone in their workplace to see. Employees were delighted with the process of having their photos taken and resulting displays.
Engagement increases when managers focus on employees’ strengths
My supervisor focuses on my strengths or positive characteristics
My supervisor focuses on my weaknesses or negative characteristics
Source: Gallup

“The team at Webster have become our go to team for our design needs, especially those we needed to make an impact on. What starts out as a simple meeting to get them up to speed on what we are trying to communicate always becomes creative, engaging and impactful work that we are proud to hang our hats on.”

Jennifer Ross
Senior Manager, Client and Associate Experience at TD Ameritrade

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