We believe branding starts on the inside. Before you can convince anyone to buy your product or service, your people need to understand, and believe in, what your brand stands for and how to deliver on the promises you make to your customers.

How We Work

For work to be meaningful, it must start with a solid strategy. We use a highly-collaborative process to get to know you better. It helps all key stakeholders get on the same page from the beginning and work toward a set of common goals and success metrics. The success metrics inform the tactics we develop to make sure our creative is not only good, but it works.

Our Strategic Planning Process

Our strategic planning process helps us get to know you better, set up measurable tactics and deliver outstanding creative that provides results. This process is broken into three phases.



We work with you to identify your goals by defining what success looks like across key business categories – ensuring the integrity of our ongoing efforts and providing measurable success.

This step involves a session with our team and your key stakeholders. It is important to get buy-in from the top to ensure the resulting work will reflect their strategic vision for the company. By the end of this session, we will have a series of success definitions in the key business categories agreed upon by all in attendance, getting everyone on the same page.



In the Create phase, we ideate tactics using the measurements defined in the Plan phase. This method allows us to deliver goal-oriented solutions.

The Create phase consists of:

• An ideation session
• Matching measurements to tactics
• Presentation of a strategic plan



We track the measurements to see the impact the tactics, or other outside forces, have on your business goals.

The Succeed phase consists of ongoing discussions and evaluations, allowing us to implement new tactics, change course on tactics that may not perform as expected and celebrate when we achieve our goals.

“94% of job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand”




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